Thursday, January 01, 2009

Span the world

This is the first time I have spent a New Years Day outside of my home village of Inverallochy.

Coming to Florida at this time of year has been a great experience but today looking out into a bright sunny day I feel my thoughts turning to what is probably a cold rainy village in the North East of Scotland.

Today people will be waking up a little more bleary eyed than usual. Some will not have even gone to bed as they have "first fitted" all night. (Going from house to house eating and drinking all night)

The annual walk as I write this will just be returning from St Combs to end at the war memorial to lay a wreath and play a "stannin beat" by the flute band to honour the soldiers from the village lost in the war.

Then my family will sit down for a great New Years Day dinner cooked by my dad.

The table will be a little more empty this year. We are here in Florida some 5 hours behind them just getting up. When I called my sister Marina had just got off the phone with my dad. She is in Australia and just going to bed.

I miss home today.

ps. (For any belgers out there) a ken i phota is i quitie walk bit a quidna fin a phota o i belger walk on iternet.


Anonymous said...

you seem to have lapsed into 'tongues' for your ps.
Anyone able to interpret?

Roger Blackmore said...

Yea Verily ... For any residents of the village of Cairnbulg out there, I know the photograph is The Annual Walk by the villagers of St.Combs, but I could not find a photograph of The Cairnbulg Walk on the internet.

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