Friday, January 09, 2009

El Shaddai

This morning I got one of those phone calls that you just don't want to get. Mark called to tell me that the young son of an awesome couple in our church had died suddenly.

This morning in talking to God I have asked God to comfort mum and dad, asked Him why? told Him I just don't understand Him sometimes.

Today in my readings I read a name for God which was a favourite of the patriarchs, especially Jacob and Job - El Shaddai. In most English translations it is usually translated Almighty but more accurately it would read "God who is sufficient".

It is easy to say God is sufficient when things are ok but on days like today its much harder to mean. Job in all his distress used the name 39 times. Maybe he was just trying to remind himself over and over again as he struggled to live in a place of belief and trust with all that was going on in his life.

I will have to keep reminding myself today that God is El Shaddai and continue to pray for God to be sufficient for this family.


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