Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Going Back

I was reading today about Abraham's arrangement with his servant to find his son Isaac a wife. (Gen 24)

In our western culture a strange way of doing things but to them and to parts of the world even today common practice.

What struck me was the force in which Abraham spoke to his servant when he suggested the possibility of taking Isaac back to his homeland. Abraham was on a promise and a call from God for him and his family. He knew that going back was not an option.

Compromise was not an option. It could have been the easy way out. The suggestion could have been made that if Isaac was introduced to his future wife and spent some time with her he would help her to see the light and join him in God's promise. But Abraham knew that this was just compromise dressed up in nice words.

This has some direct relevance to something close to me heart, with two teenagers now in the house, don't compromise to find a partner for life. I probably sound like an old kill joy but I am sad to see so many young people with a heart for God, compromise and allow their heart to go cold for God for a partner who does not know God.

God had a Rebekah waiting for Isaac. She was well worth waiting for because as well as having incredible character the Bible tells us she was hot!

Don't compromise, trust God, his option is always better.


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