Monday, January 26, 2009

Simple Leadership

Genesis 42

I have heard it said that "Everything rises and falls on Leadership".

Leadership is not the only ingredient but it is the one that holds all the others together.

It is true in businesses, families, organisations and even in church. You can see it manifest in many ways. One Life Group is packed out each week another struggles to attract anyone. One ministry is always stuttering because it has a lack of volunteers whilst another despite the same challenges works like a dream. You don't have to look far outside the leader. (Now that does not mean the leader is a bad person just that their leadership gifting or ability can't quite carry it off. One thing I know about that situation from personal experience is release usually means relief for the leader)

Here in the opening few verses of Genesis 46 we have a crisis of leadership. 11 men destined to be the heads of the tribes of God's people when face with a difficulty sat around looking at each other. It took Jacob's leadership to break them out of their paralysed state. Go to where the food is - simple.

This tells me that leadership is not necessarily dreaming up and doing the complicated it’s most often seeing that the simple things need to be done.


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