Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm back (Almost)

For all 2 of you who read my thoughts here you will be glad to know I am back, or maybe you are not so glad!

Our 2 week break in Florida was unexpectedly extended by a day and return to the UK from the US through Italy.

Our Delta flight from Orlando meant a change at Atlanta airport late on Friday night. On getting there it was apparent that the flight was way over booked. They started asking for volunteers to choose to travel the next day instead. Not that interesting until I realised that anyone choosing to do this would receive $600 each for flights with delta. So I reckoned that $2400 would easily obtain for us another holiday in Florida in 2009 at no cost to us.

They gave us vouchers for a hotel for the night and for breakfast, lunch and dinner and re booked our flights for the next day. Only downside we had to fly through Rome to get back to the UK. It was a long couple of days but every time I got a bit fed up I just said to my self - $2400.

So now a day late I'm back in the office, well my body is hopefully my mind will catch up soon.

Florida here we come in 2009.


Anonymous said...

there's 2 of us?!! i thought i was the only one...keep it up billy

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