Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Prayer Update

Those of you from MKCC will remember we took part in a series called One Prayer last year. (We for those of you who were with us in June 2008).

As part of the series we took our offering for a week and sent to the One Prayer Missions Project. We partnered with other One Prayer churches to make a lasting difference in the world through an ambitious mission initiative: planting 500 new churches in Cambodia, India, Sudan, and China in 18 months. God has blessed this effort, and through the leadership of Granger Community Church and their partner organization EnterMission, all four geographical areas are on target (or ahead of schedule) to meet that goal.

* 364 participants (pastors/planters) have been enrolled
* 5,910 evangelistic contacts have been made
* 3,328 people have participated in Bible Study
* 598 individuals have been baptized
* 74 churches have been planted

Read more here

We are looking forward to a brand new series in June 2009. This year the title is: God is ______ .

How would you fill in the blank.


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