Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jesus' Parentage

Read an interesting article in this months Christianity magazine by David Instone-Brewer.

"What words would you associate with Jesus? Loving? Radical? Saviour? What about ... bastard?" Drawing from personal experience. David looks at how it would have been for Jesus to grow up with whispered sneers.

"In Nazareth, everyone knew the scandal of Jesus birth - it occurred less than 9 months after his parents marriage."

"The question of His parentage was a scandal which he bore with all those who are falsely branded with moral disapproval for something outside their control - those who don't know their parents, rape victims, and those whose sexuality is forever damaged by child abuse.

The scandal of Jesus' illegitimacy is a further demonstration that when God became human, he shared all our suffering and redeemed every aspect of our fallen humanity so that he could represent and redeem everyone."

ps. Unfortunately the article does not seem to be online yet but check out here later to see if they add it.


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