Saturday, January 24, 2009

Full steam ahead

It feels like I came back from holiday, blinked and January has almost gone. Busyness seems to be a constant in our lives but busyness is only good if it is on the right things.

Nicola is off to a Young Leaders Training day with Abbie and Liam. It is brilliant that we are investing time and effort into these young people. They give so much to our church serving in so many ways particularly in all our children's activities. They put some of us adults to shame.

So I have headed down to Costa to do some work thinking about last week. Here are some of the things I have put my mind too:

  • Weekly tactical meeting with staff
  • Daily check in meetings with staff refining daily priorities
  • Initiating staff appraisals
  • Been involved in umpteen decisions on the Nursery with Ian and our project manager Dave Starr. (By the way its looking awesome - should be finished in March hoping to get Nicola to do an update video next week.
  • Finalised 2009 budgets for MKCC and Ultimate Events.
  • Developed equipment budget for Kidz Church relaunch in new space.
  • Worked with the project manager on procurement strategy for New Build.
  • Teaching team meeting looking at upcoming message series.
  • Visited God.TV to discuss partnership with Ultimate Events.
  • Working on our new teaching series starting next Sunday - Habakkuk - When God seems unfair. Have not preached for a while so looking forward to it.
My life is nothing but varied.


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