Friday, July 04, 2008

Simply Jesus - Stealth Spirituality

Matthew 6

One thing Jesus disliked more than anything was hypocrisy. So called Spiritual people looking the part having all the right words and actions to feign spirituality but the reality of the heart behind it is sadly lacking.

Very often we can fool other people, even the people closest to us but, there are two people we can not fool, one God and two ourselves. We know the condition of our heart better than anyone. Jesus during his teaching, what has become known as the Sermon on the mount, tackled this issue head on by talking about prayer ( v5 - 15) and fasting (v16 - 18).

He highlights the issue by talking about the 2 core spiritual practices which are supposed to be all about us as individuals and God. Jesus in his instructions on prayer and fasting would seem to suggest that we do it in stealth (secret v 6). Not seen by anyone else but us and God. (Please don't get me wrong clearly the bible teaches there is a place for public prayer and joining with other people to pray)

I believe talking to God and giving something up to talk to God more is I predominately to change us and bring us more in line with God and his will, than us presenting a shopping list. This work is a work of the heart and we need to get alone with God and let him do some open heart surgery.


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