Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How do you see Sundays 2

Yesterday I posted the mindset of a consumer at church. Today I would like to use the same list but attack it from a contributor mind set. If we the church could take on this mindset then awesome things would happen.

  • There are going to be lots of new visitors at church today. I want them to find it easy to get parked up and into the building. I am going to the park and ride. Hey maybe I might speak to the guys and get involved driving one of the buses.
  • God, I just saw the Pastor over there, I know that he feels the pressure today to bring your word for us, strengthen him today.
  • Lets sit down the front and encourage the band and preacher during the service.
  • Lets leave the house a few minutes earlier. We don't want the kids to miss what God has to tell them today it is important for them.
  • Sorry kids we missed kids church this week. I will go after the service and find out if there are any take homes that we can do together this week. And I promise we will get here earlier next week.
  • Yes! Church attenders have driven into the car park dropped their kids off at the door and driven off to go shopping. I can't even be bothered to think of a positive way to look at this. Its just plain daft! My office door is open if you would like to discuss!
  • There are going to be allot of people using the building today. Who can I speak to to get these replaced.
The rest tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How about writing a short note or email to the leadership, telling them how much they've helped in your walk with God.

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