Saturday, July 12, 2008

Driscoll Unleashed

Last night Ryan and I went down to London to hear Mark Driscoll preach at St James Church. Its a long time since I have been in an old historical church with pews. After 2 hours sitting on the pews my bum was a little sore!

Its was great to get a chance to hear Mark in person although I have listened and watched many of his podcasts. He spoke from Acts 17 examining Paul's plan for reaching the city of Athens.

  • Paul contextualised and contended
  • Many Christians are scared of the city but God loves cities.
  • He was not seduced by the city but he came to save the city
  • Paul went to the place of worship of the day. Our places of worship today are, Pubs, Restaurants, Concert Venues and Stadiums.
  • Too many people today are trying to make Jesus relevant to the culture. Jesus has always be relevant he just needs to be contextualised.
  • There are 3 reactions to Paul's message: Contempt, Curiosity and Conversion.
Had the opportunity to meet Chris for a bite to eat before the service. Chris and his family have moved from in the states to plant a church in Wimbledon. Their first service is this Sunday night please pray for them today as the seek to reach people for Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayers, Billy! Hoping to meet you in person sometime.

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