Thursday, July 10, 2008

Matthew Hayden

I read the following quote by Matthew Hayden, the Aussie cricketer who has on more occasion taken England apart.

“I think it’s very challenging to live as a Christian in terms of modern-day society. I think it’s very difficult as a young adult and I think I really struggled with that over a long period of time.

“But I guess it’s in that struggle that I find the most benefit from it, and I guess Christ all those years ago was saying exactly the same thing. While I struggle with faith and how it’s presented, I understand that it’s just a great part of my life, which in all sorts of scenarios gives me great guidance."

Jesus never promised an easy life he just promised an abundant life. Struggles are part of that life. If everything always comes easy you never appreciate what you have. If you struggle to get something you appreciate it all the more.

Whatever you are finding confusing and difficult at the moment. Your faith, a relationship, finance, maybe just maybe you should not give up, take it to God and struggle a little more. You just don't know what is on the other side.


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