Friday, July 04, 2008


Today, 4th July, marks the anniversary of Americas Independence Day, no not its liberation from invading alien forces by Will Smith and company, but its declaring Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

18 years ago it was probably the last place I wanted to go. Then my wife visited with her family and then she brought me along the following year though still unconvinced. There began my love of things American.

Inspired by my friend, Roger Blackmore a missionary from the home country sent to help them out, I have put together my to ten things I love about America.

10. Cheap shopping (compared to UK)
9. Sea World Orlando
8. Cracker Barrel
7. Romanos Macaroni Grill
6. Krispy Cream Donuts
5. Panera Bread
4. New York Strip Steak
3. Macaroni Salad
2. Outback
1. Biscuits

I have also met some incredible people from some brilliant churches who are making a difference in the Kingdom. In order that I have visited them:

church at the movies
, Discovery Church, Saddleback Church, Willow Creek Church, Granger Community Church, NewSpring, Elevation and Revolution Church (well I didn't actually visit their service but met all the staff and they are a crazy bunch)

Happy Independence Day!


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