Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Simply Jesus - Love

Matthew 22 & 23

Studying for exams is not something that comes easy for me. Back in college days some of the lecturers were very kind to us. They would say, this is important it may well come up in your exam. Code for, listen and take note this will be a question in your exam. Its great when someone gives you the inside track. A piece of advice that creates a shortcut.

In this exchange with a top dog professor you can almost hear Jesus say, guys listen up I am going to simplify my life message for you.

Its about mad passionate love. Firstly for God. Your whole life should be consumed with the pursuit a passionate relationship with Him. That's the first half of the equation. Second half, love other people like you love yourself.

The message says these are the "pegs" off which the rest of the christian life hangs. Pull these pegs out and everything else just doesn't matter.

Do something right now to express your love to God and find a way to love another human being today with the intensity that you love yourself.


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