Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One Prayer Giving

MKCC recently took part in worldwide church initiative - One Prayer. Over 1500 churches all around the world joined together to discuss the question: If you had one prayer you could pray for the church what would it be. As part of that initiative we contributed towards a missions initiative to plant churches in: India, China, Cambodia and Sudan.

As a church we decided not to ask our members to give more. So many of them are already giving so much to our own missions projects and to our building fund. We made the decision to give away our weeks tithes and offerings.

Because of the monthly giving trends at our church the week chosen I anticipated about £4 -5000 for One Prayer. The people of MKCC surpassed that and gave £8500 that week. With my role in the church of looking at budgets I thought I was looking at a reasonable size hole in our finances for June.

Well I have just had the figures for June giving. Excluding any time 2 build giving it is the largest month giving we have ever had at MKCC. In fact if you take out the £8500 the monthly tithes and offerings for June would still be well above the average.

Thank you to all the people that attend MKCC and are so faithful to Jesus and continually surprise me.


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