Friday, July 11, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Changes

After dropping kids off at music practice (by the way do not miss Sunday they guys are bringing an incredible new song - Healer. Watch the story behind the song here.) Nicola and I went to get a coffee.

We ended up chatting through some of the impact the start of our building process at MKCC will have on our children and youth activities. During stage one which should start sometime in September the Day Nursery will be relocated into a mix of temporary accommodation and use of our existing facilities.

This will mean that much of our current building which we utilise during the week for various activities may be unavailable. It was challenging to talk through various options for this 3 month period of renovations. Nicola has a few things to talk through with her team!

But they are great challenges to have. They are challenges of growth and development. If nothing is happening in church there is no need to change we could just do the same things over and over again. So I guess change is good.

Nursery renovations, new auditorium build and then whats next. God's vision for Milton Keynes is bigger than a 650 seat hall. So I guess change is here to stay. Hold on for a wild ride!


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