Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Simply Jesus - betrayed

By guest blogger - Ian Baird

Mark 14:18 “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me – one who is eating with me.”

I come from a hugging family. This may originate from the wonderful Scottish climate I enjoyed as a child and a need to seek additional body heat but we hugged none the less. You can imagine my concern when meeting my mother in law for the first time and being received with a firm handshake at arms length. The Scottish bear hug does not go down well in Chinese culture. I soon learnt that food plays a massive role in this culture however, not only as an expression of welcome and love but meal times form an important element in family life and the building of relationship.

The culture I experienced first hand is very similar in this regard to that of Jesus’ time. It’s difficult to contemplate Judas’ hypocrisy as he sat at the table with Jesus and the other disciples sharing in the fellowship of the meal whilst at the same time determining to betray Jesus.

Judas had walked and talked with Jesus over the last three years, he’d listened to Jesus’ teaching, he’d witnessed the miracles first hand, and he’d shared in the private times with Jesus and the other disciples away from the crowds. However, it wasn’t enough for him. Judas was motivated by wealth and he exploited his position amongst the disciples to this end (Jn 12:6). Jesus kept talking about dying and it was no doubt a source of great disappointment when it finally dawned on Judas that there was to be no political revolution, no taking the kingdom by force, and no position of power in that kingdom for Judas to exploit.

Judas stands alone in history but I cannot help but think that I can read the Bible, I talk to God in prayer, I can worship God and fellowship with other Christians on a Sunday morning but am I truly devoted to Jesus Christ. What is my motivation, am I confessing Christ with my lips then walking out and denying Him with my lifestyle.

Lord, as David declared, “Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind” (Psalm 26:2).


Anonymous said...

Nice write-up. When do I get my Scottish hug? I think I fancy the Chinese meals more!
Thanks, John D

Anonymous said...

nice i came from a hugging and food culture we should have more of this in church
"hugging and food"

Anonymous said...

lots of hugging and food should be arrange in the churches it can help with spiritual healing

Mark Sherratt said...

I've been in the hugging ministry for years, what's the matter with you all just get on an hug the people!

Billy Ritchie said...

Feeling somewhat intimidated by all this talk of hugging. Think I must have come from a different part of Scotland where hugging, except when Aberdeen scored a goal, was not common.

Think I'll stick with the food thing.

Anonymous said...

ah! I was just thinking of moving to Scotland to get some bear hug well i will stay put now

Anonymous said...

Well I get my share of hugging from those I come in contact with.

We just need to wake up every morning and make a conscious effort every day to be who Christ wants us to be. With enough practise our lifestyles will be reflected.

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