Monday, July 28, 2008

I believe you're my healer

I posted the video of Mike Guglielmucci and the song Healer a few weeks ago. We also sang it at MKCC a couple of weeks ago. I know there is a number of people at church that really need God's touch just now. I am thinking of them and praying for them now as I listen to the song.

The guys at integrity have set up a site for the song with a great purpose. Submit your requests for healing and leave your praise reports.

You can also listen again to a great song here.


Anonymous said...

is this cd/dvd in the book shop

Anonymous said...

this is powerful and awesome i went to bed last night singing this song and woke up singing this song God is good Thank you for this site
Thank you Jesus you are my healer and nothing is inpossible for you that youare more than enough for me, that you will heal my eyes especially my right that the two cyst in the back of my right eye will disintegrate that the bleeding at the back of my eyes will stop and my vision will be restored When i attend my appt on 12th August all will be well it will be Jesus report
Thank you for total healing on both my knees thank you for this devotion

Billy Ritchie said...

Yes "This is our God" by Hillsong

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