Friday, July 18, 2008

How do you see Sundays 3

Here we go again. You need to read this and this first but I continue with the mindset of a contributor.

  • Someone in the service to day is going to hear about Jesus for the first time. I know that my baby crying and making a noise may distract them. I'll take them to the creche. There are some nice toys and things in there for them anyway.
  • The music is a little loud for me but I know lots of people like music that way. Maybe I will try sitting somewhere else in the hall to see if I can find a place that suits me.
  • What are you trying to teach me through that song. It must be something I am missing because I am singing it again.
  • Jesus this is all about me having a happy feeling its about bringing glory to you. You have done so much for me and I want to thank you.
More tomorrow.


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