Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simply Jesus - Risky

Matthew 25 & 26

Over and over again through the book of Matthew Jesus is quoted as saying: "The Kingdom of God is like....". Here in chapter 25 we get 3 more stories, 3 examples of the characteristics of this kingdom that we have become a part of with Jesus.

v 1 - 13 Its a kingdom that lives with the end in mind.
v 14 - 28 Its a risk taking kingdom that does not play it safe.
v 31 - 46 Its a kingdom that cares for the poor and destitute.

My background investments was all about risk and reward. Some investors were cautious so you built hm a steady balanced portfolio that would show continued small growth year on year. Other people were more risk aware. For them I would choose more volatile investments. If they came in you were sitting pretty if not you lost your shirt.

Jesus is telling us here that he is looking for us to take risks. Risks that will mean that we are totally and utterly dependent on God.

Fear of failure is usually the thing that holds us back from doing something and it was the same with the guy in this story. But failure is very often the key to our future success.

What is holding you back from taking a risk in Gods kingdom.


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