Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How do you see Sundays

Church life is much more than a Sunday service but clearly Sundays are an important part of what happens in the life of a community of believers. There are 2 attitudes amongst those attending - consumers and contributor's. Today I am going to list thoughts that go through consumer minds. Tomorrow I will list thoughts that go through contributors minds.

Consumer Thoughts

  • I will park my car where I like.
  • I just walked past the pastor and he didn't speak to me.
  • Don't tell me where to sit.
  • So what if I am 15 minutes late the Kidz Church should still register in my children.
  • I am going to send my child to Kidz Church without registering them in through a back door.
  • I am dropping my kids off for Kidz Church and going shopping, I need a break.
  • Why are their no paper towells in this bathroom again.
  • I don't care that my baby is crying and distracting everyone around I will not go to the creche.
  • The music is too loud.
  • Not that song again.
  • I was not blessed during the worship time today.
  • Why don't they sort out that person putting the song words on the screen he keeps making mistakes.
  • There is not enough "meat" in this sermon.
  • I have heard all this before when are you going to move on?
  • Why is there no coffee after this service they have it after another service.
  • My 12 year old is loosing interest in church whats the youth pastor going to do about it.
  • I've been ill this week, the pastor hasn't asked me how I am doing or come to pray for me.
  • Its my birthday next week the pastor should be praying for me publicly in the service in front of everyone.
Just a few. Maybe you can add more. This is the thought process that contributes to taking the church off mission. Making it focus on the few inside instead of the multitudes that are outside.

Tomorrow I will list the though process of a contributor.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and another thing, the 'pastor' was wearing JEANS!

Billy Ritchie said...

Well its better than wearing a skirt, sorry I mean a kilt!

Andy said...

The colour definition on that middle screen is terrible compared to the other screens.

And the guitar is never loud enough.

Anonymous said...

Why do they make a big issue of the offering?

Anonymous said...

Well if the Church collected that much money i won't need to give so much next time.
P.S I'm joking by the way, this is what i feel some people may say

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