Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jesus Messiah

Chris Tomlin is an incredible leader in worship songs. His latest album, Hello Love, releases in September. I loved the song Jesus Messiah. Our series at MKCC at the moment is Simply Jesus and we have been talking allot about Jesus the Messiah - the anointed one.

One great line is "All our hope in you." In the video below Chris talks about the song. (Towards the end he gets a little technical and starts using words like Chords and such which I do not understand - maybe he was speaking in tongues)


Anonymous said...

I'm with him on the one over five G slash chord with the D in the bass - sweet. (it's in B flat of course which would make it an F - obviously)

Andy said...

The interpretation of tongues:

"The guitar only plays a few strings and the bass does the rest"

Dan Robinson said...

What this video is no longer available? What is with that? Is it possible to pop it up somewhere? It would be cool to see. Jesus Messiah is a great song and it would be cool to hear Chris talk about it.

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