Thursday, July 24, 2008

Simple Questions

Read this today over at Seth Godin.

It turns out that a lot of searches online are for things that are pretty simple. Like how to boil an egg or how to count cards. Just because you already know something doesn't mean everyone does. Think even simpler than you would expect and you're on to something. (For a very long time, one of the top 100 searches into the search box at Yahoo was: "Yahoo").

Made me think about how we do church services and who we do them for.

I have not lived through a so call "revival" where people walk into the street fall down under the conviction of God and call on him to be saved, maybe one day. Most people I see start folowing Jesus do at one of our Sunday services.

Having been around church for over 40 years it is easy to know it all, the jargon, the stories, the rituals, its is a comfortable place to live. We forget that many people do not know what we know and church can be an uncomfortable place.

Who do we do church for? The guy who has never crossed the door of a church in his life. The girl who last time she was in church was the day she got married. Simply put for those people who don't already know God.

Thats who we need to communicate to. Thats who we need to help feel comfortable. Thats who we need to help to understand. Thats whose questions we need to answer.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Well done. Let's keep simplifying complex things, especially religious stuff.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are alone in your thoughts - have a look at 'The Organic Church' by Neil Cole if you haven't already done so - he has a lot of challenging stuff to say about the way we do 'church'- it might strike a chord!

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