Sunday, July 20, 2008

Simply Jesus - Come Follow

Mark 2 & 3

My grandad used to love Westerns, cowboy stories. He read books and loved to watch movies. As I spent a fair bit of time with him I have watched my share of Cowboys & Indians. One series of movies I loved was "The Magnificent Seven". At the start of each movie Yul Brenner would go round picking his 6 other men to take up some lost cause. The men were usually motivated by money.

Jesus had already picked up some of his disciples as we read this passage. Andrew & Peter, James & John had all heard the simple call and dropped everything to follow Jesus. Here is v 14 Jesus calls on Matthew to follow him so Matthew leaves a lucrative career in the Inland Revenue Service to follow Jesus.

I am continually amazed at these teenagers willing to give up everything to follow this religious man. Looking back its easy to forget that the die had not been cast, they had no certainty that all of this was true, that this guy called Jesus was no crack pot, that they would be the founding members of a belief system that would change the world. As we heard recently from Steven Furtick. They were audacious!

With the whole of church history to look back on sometimes I wish that we could make as courageous moves for God. For instance God asks us for just 10% of our income and we struggle with that. These disciple were willing to give everything.

What is God asking of you today?


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