Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Surprised By God

Today I started the new reading plan "Rediscovering the Christmas season".

It didn't start where I expected to but started in Luke 2 v 21 - 40. With Jesus already born 8 days and being taken to the temple for a procedure that brings tears to the eyes of any male.

Outside of Jesus the scripture mentions 4 other people at this time.

Simeon - A good, prayerful & expectant man who was seeing a promise of God to him fulfilled. He was seeing the messiah and was now ready to die.

Anna - A lady who's husband had died after 7 years of marriage and had dedicated the last 84 years of life to serving God in His house. Recognised as a prophetess she also recognises the messiah.

Then you have Mary & Joseph. The Bible simply says in v 33: Jesus’ father and mother were speechless with surprise at these words.

It sort of surprises me that they were surprised. God had showed up miraculously to them both to tell them about Jesus, Mary had just had the unique experience of giving birth as a virgin, Kings showed up to bow to a baby in a stable. And now they are still surprised. Come on!

But then God told me that I am no different. God has given me many promises his word is full of them and on some occasions through prayer or even through other people has said something special to me. But when it actually happens somehow I am still surprised and left speechless.

When I think about it, its not that fact that God acts that surprises me, its the fact that God would act in my life that shocks me out of me skin.


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