Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just a fraction of God blows our mind

Day 21 - Rediscovering the Christmas Season

There are so many other things Jesus did. If they were all written down, each of them, one by one, I can’t imagine a world big enough to hold such a library of books. - John 21 v 25

The 4 books that we have at the start of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John tell us some incredible things that Jesus did. But he did so much more we get to read now a tiny fraction. A mere blink of the eye.

Yet the actions and the teachings he shared are still more than enough to make you stand back in wonder, fall on your knees with humility and rip your heart out with his love for mankind.

Nothing will help me get over the simple story that Jesus told to emphasise his pursuit of me that the story of the Lost Son (Prodigal Son). Just that story would have been enough for me. It told me all that I need to know.

But John makes it clear that there is so much more.

Even the smallest of fraction blows our minds so how dare we limit God.


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