Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pilgrimage to worship

Day 16 - Rediscovering the Christmas Season

We’re on pilgrimage to worship him. - Matt 2 v 2

The wise men were on a sacred pilgrimage
to find the new born King of the Jews, Jesus. At the end of their long journey and search would be worship.

Matthew records that as soon as they saw Jesus in His mothers arms they were, Overcome. They gave away their treasures and bowed in worship. When confronted with Jesus things that were important become unimportant, everything loses its value and only he matters.

"A little child is easily quieted and amused with gaudy toys and dolls and rattles, so long as it is not hungry; but once let it feel the cravings of nature within, and we know that nothing will satisfy it but food. So it is with man in the matter of his soul. Music and flowers and candles and incense and banners and processions and beautiful vestments and confessionals and man-made ceremonies of a semi-Romish character may do well enough for him under certain conditions. But once let him 'awake and arise from the dead', and he will not rest content with these things. They will seem to him mere solemn triflings and a waste of time. Once let him see his sin, and he must see his Saviour." - J.C. Ryle
So our lives move from a pilgrimage TO worship to a pilgrimage OF never ending worship.


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