Friday, December 31, 2010



  • Nicola started a new role at MKCC - Head of Child Services. Sounds salubrious but it just meant that she added over all responsibility for the Day Nursery to her list of duties :-)
  • Liam left school, started college and became mobile when he purchased a moped. The roads around MK will never be the same.
  • Abbie qualified in level 2 of her child care NVQ and finally got her provisional.
  • We enjoyed a couple of great holidays in France.
  • At MKCC we completed our building project and opened the doors to our new facilities for the first time in October.
  • The World Cup was rubbish (Probably because Scotland were not there), a jockey won sports personality of the year, My teams Aberdeen & Aston Villa are both in danger of relegation, but England retained the ashes.
For me I have discovered more deeply God's grace in my life. It seems like a pool that you can never fathom. You reach what you thought was the bottom only to be surprised by another hidden shaft of Grace that has always been there but only just found by your searching eye.

It cannot be contained through conditions, defeated by doubt, shelved by sin. It is forever relentless in rescuing me from myself. This year I have let myself, my friends and my God down so many times but God has never let me down and his grace has always restored me.


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