Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ezra 8

These are the family heads and those who signed up to go up with me from Babylon in the reign of Artaxerxes the king. (v1)

I am not always sure why but the sovereign God always chooses to work through people. At this critical time in the history of his people it was no different he worked through people who had vision and commitment. Ezra was their prominent charismatic leader but the work of God was completed by a team of dedicated visionaries who could see God's purposes when there was nothing really to hang your hat on.

They we leaving their homes, business and careers to head to a city that they had never been to before even though they had probably heard many stories from their parents and grand parents. The reports that they had heard back about the situation in Jerusalem were not great. The economy was bust, infrastructure was non existent, danger hid behind every corner but these band of pioneers headed out probably to the questioning and derision of their friends and colleagues. Were they mad? Maybe just a little bit.

But their mission was more important than their own comfort and safety they were partners in establishing God's kingdom out of the chaos. These people caught the vision.

Having spent over 40 years in the church the truth is that not everyone that attends church catches the vision not everyone really feels the heart of God. It’s easy to see the difference even in small things. Thankfully there are many people who do and it’s incredible to see people live this out at MKCC in so many ways:

* So many people giving at least 10% back to God even in difficult economic times.
* 100's of people committing to give £1m over 3 years to Time 2 Build project.
* A worship team who give so much time preparing, rehearsing and leading us on Sundays.
* Over 90 people involved in welcoming people to MKCC on a Sunday
* Scores of people investing time into children
* People standing in a car park on cold winter days to help Visitors Park
* All the guys and girls involved in setting up PA, Video and Computers
* Our junior leaders (young people) who put some of adults to shame with their commitment
* The list goes on and on

Not involved, sitting on the sidelines. Well God has a simple word for you. Get off your big fat bum and get with the plot. (With love of course)


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