Monday, November 03, 2008

More than enough

I have been going over my notes from my recent visit to Catalyst Conference and pulled out this quote by Matt Chandler.

"The Gospel does not say that you get Jesus and he makes your life better; it is that you get Him and He is enough."

Just reminded me again that Christianity is all about Jesus. We still have a tendency to make it about us. This was summed up in a conversation I had recently when a person was convinced that because things were not working out in their life God was punishing them for some reason. Apart from the fact that this is a wrong understanding of the character of God it suggests that we can gain God's blessing when we do something favourable in His eyes.

What we do in this scenarios is make the Christian life about US rather than about Jesus. We would all agree that we our entrance into God's Kingdom is all about Jesus why then when we are in does it become about us.

If things are not good in our lives we ask things like what am I doing wrong? Why does not God bless me? Why is God doing something for him and not me? The list goes on. What is Jesus going to do for me?

Jesus has already done more for us than we could even hope or expect he became our friend even when we were his enemy. We get Him what more could we ask.

As the song says: He's more than enough for me.


Brad Ruggles said...

Man, that's a great quote! I loved Matt Chandler's session at Catalyst.

Did you go to the Labs as well?

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