Friday, November 28, 2008

Compromised Principles

Earlier this year a Zimbabwean MP Coltart said : "I would rather lose my seat in Parliament than compromise certain principles that are fundamental to my belief system.

Coltart had beliefs and principles that we core to his political life. Even if it meant an end to that political life he was not prepared to compromise them. Sometimes it cam be good to compromise. If you are married and are not prepared to compromise you are probably going to have a few arguments. But some things go just too deep and are just too important.

In Esther 3 we read about Mordecai facing this type of challenge. He could have rationalised things. I've got a reasonable reputation with the king because of my past actions why rock the boat. God I am bowing on the outside but not in my heart. Knowing that it was going to cause problems for him which could even take his life, even under duress day after day he held to his principles.


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