Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad Leadership

Nehemiah 5

Bad selfish leadership is at the root of many problems. We see it clearly in so many countries. How many stories have we heard of power hungry leaders storing up great wealth while their country goes bankrupt, even siphoning off aid money meant for their people.

That’s exactly what happened here. Nehemiah had put in an incredible amount of effort and personal money buying back the freedom of so many of his compatriots only to find that he had freed them from one task master only to see them put into hock by their own leaders.

This is sickening where ever it happens. I heard Jim Collins say that one of the distinguishing marks of a great company over a good company was a servant-hearted leader. Their vision for the company was great than their own personal wealth.

Jesus was the ultimate servant hearted leader. Phil 2 v 6 - 10.

So it stinks when leaders in the church can sometimes seem to have a bigger vision for themselves than they have for people.


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