Saturday, November 29, 2008


Esther 5

It's so easy to read a story in the Bible and gloss over it. Sometimes you need to just pause and feel the situation. Put yourself in the middle of it. Only then do you understand the courage shown by Esther in this perilous situation.

This was a life and death moment. They just don't happen every day. Esther was probably trying to get by. Ripped away from her family, forced into a relationship, living in fear of her life if she did not please the king, trying to hide her background gives some context to the position of "Queen".

Things were far from ideal. Where was God in this? Then God came calling not with deliverance but a further challenge. It was time to up the ante. She had to convince the King that his closest advisor was up to know good and it could easily cost her her life. What if God did not step in? It didn't seem like he had helped her till now.

But Esther showed a spirituality and a courage not seen so often. After a time of prayer and fasting she stepped up to the mark and off the ledge not knowing what would happen - that’s courage.


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