Monday, November 24, 2008

Party time

Nehemiah 12

It's important to take time to celebrate things. Too often we let things go by and do not mark them with a celebration. I think that this can be particularly true in church environment. We work hard then we work harder achievements are made then we just move on and work even harder.

Not sure why this is maybe because we don't want to take glory away from God and make it look like its about what we have done. Or maybe its because we think that church is just a place for seriousness I don't know.

But when I read the Bible God is not afraid of a party. Think it says all heaven throws a party when one person starts to follow Jesus. Jesus also tried to explain God to us by using a story of a father who threw an extravagant party for a returning delinquent son.

In Nehemiah Ch 12 we see another wild party. All sorts of music, multiple instruments, loads of singers, 2 choirs. Oh and by the way the music was LOUD. The "rafters were ringing" v 42 and they were just celebrating some walls being finished.

Lets always celebrate the goodness of God in our lives and what we see him do especially when someone who was once lost is now found.


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