Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fabulous and 40

My wonderful wife Nicola is 40 today. We are off to London for the day. We are going to take in a show so I have tickets for Mama Mia and we will do a bit of shopping, Covent Garden and the like. So in honour of this occasion I will list 40 things I love about Nicola. In the words of Xfactor - in no particular order.

  1. She is beautiful.
  2. She agreed to be my wife 20 years ago.
  3. She ignored lots of people advice even her pastor and still married me!
  4. She continues to put up with me.
  5. She lets me watch as much sport on TV as I want.
  6. She has even learned some of the footballers names.
  7. She lets me hog the remote control.
  8. She keeps me entertained with some silly statements: like The cows in France are different to the UK. Here they are white and black in England they are black and white.
  9. She is a brilliant mum to Abbie & Liam.
  10. She is beautiful
  11. She does my washing.
  12. She does my ironing.
  13. She puts away all my clothes.
  14. Come to think of it she does almost everything for me.
  15. She always feels sorry for the looser in any game.
  16. But she cheats if she is playing.
  17. She is so patient (My opposite)
  18. She is gentle and kind (Again my opposite)
  19. She can talk to anyone at the drop of a hat (again my opposite)
  20. She is beautiful
  21. She loves Jesus.
  22. She loves our kids.
  23. She has a passion to see kids connect with Jesus.
  24. She is a better leader of people than I will ever be.
  25. I get free haircuts
  26. She is great at decorating (Thank goodness I don't have to do it)
  27. She is a little gullible.
  28. She is a great friend.
  29. I can trust her implicitly.
  30. She is beautiful.
  31. She encourages me when I am down.
  32. She listens to me without judging me.
  33. She continues to make me proud as she develops and grows in her leadership.
  34. She is a help, strength and even a confidant to lots of people.
  35. She is a selfless servant.
  36. She shows Christ like humility.
  37. She has a tender heart.
  38. We are growing old together (she won't like that one)
  39. Did I say she is beautiful.
  40. She is 40 and fabulous.


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