Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Award time

Last week we went back to Abbie's school for her awards ceremony. Academia is not her strongest point so getting an award for top marks in English & maths was always going to be difficult. However as you can see Abbie did get an award.

The Matthew Knight Award is sponsored by a mum and dad whose son died back in 1993. After he died only then did they find out many of the incredible selfless and caring acts that their son did. So they wanted to help the school recognise pupils who quietly but consistently care and assist other people and give their time volunteering for the benefit of others.

Well the school chose Abbie to receive that award. I could not have been a more proud dad. Yes I want her to do as well as she can academically but even if she had come home and said she had achieved 8 A* in her GCSE's it would not have compared with how I felt when she picked up the Matthew Knight Award.

PS. I have suggested that she volunteer to tidy up her bedroom now.


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