Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting It

Nehemiah 8

V 12
Now they Got it!

God had given this people his word through Moses but they had stopped reading it. This had gone on for so long that they were not following one of the most basic celebrations that had been introduced.

Its almost like us forgetting to celebrate Christmas or Easter. That’s how bad it had got. So when the word of God was going to be read again it turned into some sort of city wide festival. With every eye watching the great and the good on the platform to open this mysterious book that contained the very words of God. Then the man of God had to interpret and explain what the words meant into an language that they understood.

Thankfully we live in a day certainly in our part of the world that the Bible is available in our every day language. In fact I can turn on my iphone and can read the bible in 10 English versions and at least 16 foreign languages. And that’s just the ones I can download. There really is no excuse for us reading Gods word. What are you waiting for. Stop read this and click here to start a reading plan.


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