Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dream to reality

40 Years ago my wife Nicola was born.

40 Years ago Dr King had a dream and was shot for daring to voice that dream.

At 4am GMT toady a little bit more of that dream became reality. The American people voted for the first African American as their leader. This is not a political post I am not making comment on his politics I don't know enough about it. But truly this is a historic occasion.

Obama certainly is an incredible orator and communicator. I have no allegiance but his speech was captivating even emotional. (He would make an incredible preacher)

During my wife's short life time we have gone from segregation and exclusion from even voting to being voted in with a huge mandate.

It was an interesting night following the various views. Will he bring the change he promises well time will tell. Will be a good leader or a bad leader only time will tell. In a sense it does not matter. Obama is the 44th President here in the UK we have had over 70 Prime Ministers. One think is constant. Jesus is still o the throne he has never needed re election.


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