Sunday, June 15, 2008

Video works

Settling down to watch the US Open Golf to find out if Tigers knee will hold out. Reflecting on a great day at church.

We started our one prayer series last week with Mark sharing his one prayer for the church - Lord Make us Fruitful. This week was a very different week as we went with a video preacher for the first time.

To be honest I was quite nervous about the whole thing. At MKCC technical stuff isn't always our strongest point. We had real problems last week with the audio feed from our video unit. So when everything is going through that system I was concerned even though we had a couple of back up systems in place.

Then how would the church respond to a video preacher, with an American accent? When Craig's preach on Lord make us one was as brilliant as it was challenging. There is much homework for us to do in bringing Jesus prayer for unity in believers to come to pass.

The picture of God looking in the rear view mirror at us His kids saying, don't make me come back, there has stayed with me the whole day.

Let me know what you thought of the video teaching today by leaving a comment. And go to One Prayer and join the conversation. There is a great daily devotion today by Gary Lamb of


Anonymous said...

Billy, So glad to hear the video teaching worked! Thanks for being a part of One Prayer! Blessings to you and your church!

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