Monday, June 02, 2008


Someone said a week was a long time in politics but it certainly is not a long time in the land of holidays. A week passed in a flash. Had a great time. Did next to nothing apart from sit near a pool, read books, listen to podcasts, drink cafe au lait and sample some local Vin Rouge.

I will probably post more about the books I read here soon but my reading and listening included.

Embracing Grace - Scot McKnight
Radical Reformission - Mark Driscoll
Chazown - Graig Groeschel


Doctrine what Christians should believe - Mars Hill Church
Various from Newspring Church

Decided that I made a good choice of books. Well worth the read get them at Amazon or if you attend MKCC you may be able to borrow them from me on the basis that you do the Christian thing and return them.

Going to pick up my dad today and transport him between to airports on his way to holiday in Catollica, Italy.


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