Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Prayer Survey

After our first experience of Video teaching at MKCC we felt it would be great to get some feedback about what people in the church thought about it. Here are the summarised results of the Survey.

Rate the content of Craig's Sermon - Poor 1% - Average 9% - Good 39% -
51% Excellent.

Rate the different aspects of Craig's talk

Street Interviews - Did not like 0% - OK 41% - Really added to the
message 59%
Satan Interview - Did not like 10% - OK 42% - Really added to the
message 48%
3 Points , enemy, heart, purpose - Did not like 0% - OK 16% - Really
helped me understand and remember 84%

How did watching a video compare with a live teacher?
Hated video teaching - 4%
Liked Video but prefer live teacher - 64%
No difference - 29%
Prefer video - 3%

What difference did an american accent make to you?
No difference 77%
Added to my enjoyment 13% (We have some americans in the house!)
Found it off putting 10%

Have you visited the one prayer site?
Yes 52%
No 48%

Although it certainly is not our intention to use this regularly it is interesting to note that by a vast majority our church enjoyed the experience. Don't miss this next week when we will welcome Perry Noble by video. His prayer is Lord Make Us Dangerous.

If you are looking for a quick and eazy way to do surveys over the internet try Zoomerang for free. You can ask up to 30 questions and get 100 responses for no cost.


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