Saturday, June 28, 2008

Steven Furtick

Tomorrow we come to the end of the One Prayer series. We end with Lord make us Audacious by Pastor Steven Furtick.

Out of the 3 messages we have chosen he is probably the one I have heard the least. I first heard about Pastor Furtick through reading his blog. He is a young guy with a huge vision to impact his city, Charlotte SC, for Jesus. You can read more about him here.

Mark and I had the privilege of visiting Elevation Church earlier this year. What we saw blew our minds. The are a portable church meeting in 2 high schools a few miles apart. Each Sunday they literally transform the high schools in incredible church environments. They do far more in their portable environment than most churches do in their permanent buildings.

Their mass team of volunteers start transforming the place before 6 am each week. One couple I met came in each week to clean and transform the toilets and boy did they change them. They washed every inch of each toilet block and tissues, soap, hand cream etc etc. You just would not have believed it was a school. They understood that they were contributing to the overall vision of the church and they got up early each week to clean toilets.

Its no wonder that God can easily bless them with continued growth the volunteers of Elevation were incredible servants. Don't miss church tomorrow I am sure Pastor Steven will share a word from God for us!


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