Saturday, June 28, 2008

Invested in wrong things

This morning, as we often do, we headed to our local cafe for breakfast. A little Saturday morning treat. Tea, toast and a quick read of the paper is a nice way to start the day.

I suspect Saturday morning is one of their busiest mornings for breakfast. When we arrived just after 9 am it was clear that they were short staffed with only 2 people taking orders, doing the cook, serving and clearing tables. And they were showing signs of stress. As we were in no hurry we made our order, got a newspaper and took a seat.

As we sat their the lady taking order got to the point where she started turning away customers and suggested they go to the bakery down the road. After an hour or so the owner finally turned up. Someone to lend a hand. He did but then he looked in the cash till to notice that their were no £2 coins left. He knew there were lots their yesterday and what had happened to them. Clearly there was lots of other change in the till but he became fixated as to what had happened to the £2 coins.

It was still busy and the 2 workers were doing their best to catch up but the £2 coins were his focus. He missed the fact that he had been loosing customers, he missed the fact that his 2 workers had been slogging their guts out he had focused on something that was not going to make the slightest difference good or bad to his difference.

What are you focused on in your life that really does not matter?
What have you been consumed with in your church that does not really make a difference in the kingdom?
Are we turning people away from God because we are so busy arguing about internal church ways of doing things that do not matter to God?


Andy said...

Great blog, Billy.

P.S. if you need change for a twenty I've got plenty of £2 coins...

Anonymous said...

Looked up your site as my daughter has just started coming to your church. It's great.
I live on the Isle of Wight, we want to introduce "God and Marmalade" to our services, definitely liked your comments. Food for thought (pardon the pun). Dot

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