Friday, June 27, 2008

The Lack of Heart

Yesterday Liam woke up felling a little ill. He mentioned to us a few times that he was feeling sick and walked around trying to look even more ill. Maybe we are bad parents but we take the attitude unless your arm is falling off you are going to school. So off he went reluctantly. But you could tell in his body language that he really did not want to go. Last night he still was not feeling 100%.

This morning when I woke him up I suggested that if he still felt ill it might be better that he stay off and we visit the Doctors. However he had made a complete recovery and wild horses would have not kept from school today. Why? He has a special outing to the RAF and is getting to try things like a flight simulator. It would have probably taken his arm falling off to keep him from school today.

Our passions change our attitude and dictate what we do in life.

Read this quote by Andrew Murray:

"As we seek to find out why, with such millions of Christians, the real army of God that is fighting the hosts of darkness is so small, the only answer is -- the lack of heart. The enthusiasm of the kingdom is missing. And that is because there is so little enthusiasm for the King."


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