Monday, June 02, 2008

Eikons of God

Reading Scot McKnight's book Embracing Grace was a great surprise on my holidays. As you can tell from the title of my blog Philip Yancey's book by the same name had a profound effect on my life. I have read many books that have been written since on the subject of grace but so many have disappointed me. So I took Embracing Grace with me half expecting to start reading it only to move on to something else very quickly. But to my surprise it captivated me.

Scot based much of the book on the Genesis verse where God says "let us make man in our [Gods] image, according to our likeness."

He explains that the Greek translation of the Hebrew word for image is Eikon. Being a computer geek I am well used to icons on my screens. When you click on an icon it takes you somewhere else. Icons lead us into something else. Adam and eve were created to lead people to something else God. Humans were created as Eikons of God to reflect the Glory of God.

The only problem was that very soon they and we became cracked Eikons which do not do a great job in reflecting His glory. That is where the Gospel comes in. Scot McKnight defines the Gospel as this:

"The gospel is the work of the triune, interpersonal God to restore Eikons to God and others into that Divine communion. and to unleash it into the rest of the world."

It strikes me that sometime we proclaim to narrow a gospel. Yes fit is about forgiveness of my sin and a destination safe in heaven for me, but it is also my reconciliation with others in His kingdom to proclaim and perform the good news to the whole world.

The word Missional now seems to be taking on all sorts of connotations which I do not want to explore but reading Embracing Grace has challenged me again in my own life about how missional I am in my life and to whom am I unleashing the glory of God.


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