Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Church Ghetto

Firstly let me say that this post is not meant to offend people just my take on things. You know now I am going to have a rant about something.

I really feel that God has been speaking to our church and more importantly me about being more Missional. If you are part of a church you are probably all ready quite busy with your commitments. These will likely include:

Sunday services, LifeGroups, your ministry commitment(s).

We can very often do a great job in keeping ourselves and each other very busy. We introduce ladies ministries, men's ministries, couples ministries, singles ministries, walking groups, football groups on top and pretty soon the only people we spend any time with outside work is other Christians. (and for me its even more difficult as a pastor I spend all my day working with Christians. - well I think they are! lol) We exist in our Christian Ghetto when a world is going to hell.

So today I get an e mail asking me to tell the church about a Inter Church Quiz League similar to a Pub Quiz. Unfortunately this goes against what I feel God is challenging me and us as a church at present. If you are a Christian reading this and you love Quizzes then go visit your local pub and get involved. Take some friends with you who also like a Quiz and be Jesus there.

To reach the world we need to know people that need to know Jesus. What are you doing that keeps you in a Christian Ghetto and what can you do to get out?


Roger Blackmore said...

Great stuff!
SImple church works and while I trhink pub quizzes stink, any excuse for a cold beer is good!

Anonymous said...

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the following; I really believe as Christians we should be serving in the church, contributing rather than consuming, and playing our part to build the body up. But I also firmly believe that the great commission applies to us all, and ultimately that we are called to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus.
For me personally I believe God is calling me to the mainstream music world - whether as a professional artist or something I do alongside my day job! I believe God wants to give me influence in the world in this way, and reach people such as musicians and gig-goers who may otherwise not be reached. I know this is going to take up a lot of time, and although attending church and a lifegroup will be a priority, I am wondering...How can I serve in an area of ministry in the church, whilst being very busy doing music to reach the world. I think of people/bands such as The Fray, OneRepublic and wonder how they balance serving in church with their busy music careers. Do you think it's acceptable to be so busy 'reaching the world for Jesus' in this way, that there is no time to serve in a specific area of ministry? I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this, because I really believe the mainstream music world needs reaching (not necessarily through using music evangelistically, but through reaching professional music industry people through relationships and influence). This part of the world needs reaching, and I really want to make that my priority. I've never met another Christian whilst giggin around secular venues, and I think this is sad...I really want to get in there and take Jesus to the mainstream music world!

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