Tuesday, June 17, 2008


As part of the One Prayer series for my daily devotions I have been following the daily posts on the One Prayer site by various Pastors.

If you have not already read it Pastor Steven Furtick posted a great devotion yesterday based on Mark 11 v 24 -25.

You know when you read things a 1000 times and don't connect the dots then suddenly God shouts at you from the page. Well I had that experience yesterday.

I have heard v 24 quoted time and time again. Pray for anything and you can have it. But generally people stop at that point and never go on to what Jesus said in the next breath in v25. And when you are praying that prayer think about what is in your heart because that's important.

God can do anything you ask except forgive someone on your behalf. He has left that job up to you.


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