Sunday, June 22, 2008

Danger Man

We welcomed Perry Noble to church this morning, via video, as part of our one prayer series. We had a great time. Although for our British ears his Southern accent was a little difficult he communicated a great message.

Here are some Perryisms from today. Some funny some serious:

  • Walk with Jesus, Listen to Jesus and Believe in Jesus.
  • The church have left the house without Jesus
  • I am old school preacher. I read a little bit of scripture and yell a little bit.
  • The leaper couldn't go to the party because his finger kept falling off in the salsa.
  • Some people need to get out of the frustration line lift their head up and see Jesus coming towards them.
  • Jesus knows exactly where you are if he went to a insignificant place like Nani don't tell me doesn't know exactly where you are.
  • The church is only as dangerous as the people who walk in its door.
  • I will smack you in the name of Jesus if you touch my fries!
  • I love big biscuits and I can not lie.
  • We think the words of Jesus are ridiculous because we don't realise who he is.
  • Jesus isn't scared of who you were because he knows what you can become.
  • There isn't a person in this world who Jesus isn't willing to touch.
  • I believe we will become dangerous Christians when we hear our saviours voice command us to do the impossible and we are filled with the faith to do it and instead of giving him a list of reasons why it can not be done.
  • I believe Jesus is still in the miracle business.
  • God's word for the church is: Hold on to your fork!
  • Praise God for the past but we should be walking around saying if thats what he can do what else can he do.
  • If you are still alive God's still got a plan for you.
One of the high points for me today was when Mark prayed for God to move in the other churches in of Milton Keynes. We are all on the same team and we need to look to help each other a little more. Its easy to partner with a church half way around the world but is something else to partner with the church down the street but that's what this series is all about.


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