Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday with Steven Furtick

We brought our One Prayer series to an end this week with a prayer Make us Audacious - by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church.

  • 1 Samuel 14
  • In Ch 13 Jonathan was a failure but now it was a new day, he is a hero.
  • God had to get me before time had a chance to talk me out of my dreams.
  • During wartime the leaders of Israel were meeting under a tree singing cum ba yah!
  • I can't figure out why there are churches having knock down drag out world war 16 fights about the colour of the carpet. When the people in our cities are going to hell.
  • I don't know what causes the church to be more focused on the spaghetti supper for the senior adults than to be focused on the gospel and reaching the next generation for Christ.
  • Jonathan couldn't get anybody to join him on his suicide mission apart from one poor bodyguard.
  • Bozez and Seneh means Slippery and thorny and in order to get to where God wants us to be it will require navigation through slippery and thorny places.
  • Jonathan's motivational speech - PERHAPS the Lord will help us.
  • God has made us guarantees in His Word but there is still a perhaps.
  • There has to come a moment in time when God's promise is bigger than my perhaps.
  • God's sovereignty enables my audacity.
  • Armour Bearer response - "Do all that you have in mind I am with you heart and Soul"
  • God doesn't need babies in the high chair in the church he need people who will follow his mission heart and soul.
We also started the service today with a great video by Granger Community Church. I am not sure we did it justice at the time so here is is again.


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