Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Simply Jesus - Forgiveness

John 8 & 9

This goes little glimpse into Jesus life and actions more than any other impacts me like no other.

Here we see a lady who had been caught in the very act of adultery being brought before sinless pure Jesus. The religious people were ready to stone her for her sin and they wanted to get Jesus in on the act of killing her.

Jesus simple reply go ahead but whoever had no sin in their should be the first to throw a stone. Of course they couldn't. At least they were honest in walking away. They were admitting that they had sin and couldn't kill her. Sometimes I think that many religious people today would not have been as honest as the Pharisees we so despise in this story. Some people would have justified their sin and thrown the stone anyway.

Jesus did not come to kill people for sin he came to set them free from sin. Jesus simple challenge for the future was to go and stop sinning. What about an outward sign of repentance, what about consequences. Yes there needs to be repentance and yes I am sure there were consequences. She would have had a long journey to walk with her husband. But what she didn't need was More condemnation but a vision for the future.

This is a very apt story for me to read just now as I have just heard some difficult news about a pastor. I don't want to say anything till I am 100% sure. But if true we must remember how Jesus dealt with this person who was caught red handed in sin for all the world to see.


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